Raw materials

Main impacts:

  • To strengthen the network of geological surveys around critical raw materials data and mineral resources sustainable management
  • To contribute to the Geological Service for Europe by providing services and knowledge to help secure the EU’s critical raw materials supplies
  • To increase sourcing of critical raw materials from primary and secondary sources in Europe, decreasing Europe's dependence on imports and intensifying the competitiveness of European power generation, energy storage and related transport technologies

Objectives and tasks:

The main objectives in terms of raw materials are:

  • To re-evaluate European resources of primary critical raw materials in on and offshore fields, to evaluate mining waste resources, with a focus on the critical raw materials needed for the green transition
  • To create and develop an International Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Resources Management (EU ICE-SRM) and
  • To promote the use of the United Nations Framework Classification (UNFC) for resources and the United Nation Resource Management System (UNRMS) for mineral resources management in Europe

EU primary and secondary onshore CRM resources

The current state-of-the art of geological information on European primary critical raw materials (CRM) for power generation and energy storage will be defined, any data gaps identified and knowledge bases updated. European primary CRM potential will be assessed, and pan-European maps of mineral potential and favourability will be produced. Information on mining waste to assess the economic potential of CRM recovery will be updated.

EU offshore CRM resources

The principal metallogenic models for seabed minerals will be developed and refined. The most prospective areas and provinces for undiscovered CRM deposits in the pan-European seas will be identified.

EU International Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Resource Management

An EU International Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Resource Management will be established, to fulfil the UN SDG by integrating information on natural resource availability, and building strong EU-level expertise on CRM intelligence.

Resource management using the UNFC (United Nations Framework Classification system)

The United Nations Framework Classification system for Resources (UNFC) will be promoted as a pan-European mineral resource management system.


  • Report on methodology and guidance for EU-level data harmonisation with UNF
  • EU ICE SRM organisational scheme, business (financial) plan, 5 year work plan with a register of partners and UNFC/UNRMS experts
  • European onshore primary CRM resources; resource evaluation at European scale, and regional scale for selected provinces; guidance and pilot tests for assessing mining waste potential
  • European offshore CRM resources; report on the types of deposits, EU and international regulations for minerals exploration/exploitation, metallogenic models and resource evaluation
  • Atlas of CRM resources in Europe, including pan-European maps of potential and favourability for on and offshore resources of energy-critical/high technology elements