Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 2 (42), APRIL-JUNE, 2013

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First kyiv international scientific conference «Scientific and methodologicalaspects of medical geology» 5
New auditorium name at the geological faculty (interview with prof. Volodymyr Pavlyshyn) 9
Derevska K. Children and youth geological movement in Ukraine 13
Krochak M. Pre-university introduction as a beginning of geological education 17
Sachuk M. The activities of geological groups as a reflection of youth geological movement in Zhytomyr region 22
Matsuy V., Belichenko E. The internatrional scientific amber symposium in Poland 26
Ponomarenko A., Geychenko M., Zagorodnyuk P., Stepanyuk L., Kryvdyk S., Tomurko L.Research-to-practice conference «Granitoids: formation conditions and ore bearing» 27
Sapfirova N. Ukrainian stone carving art. Significant events in spring 2013 30
Mykhailov V., Kurylo M. Experience of the specialized scientific council D 26.001.32 at Kiev national Taras Shevchenko university 32

Gozhyk Р., SemenenkoV., Andreeva-Grygorovitch A., Maslun N. Correlation of regional stage of the neogene of the Central and Eastern Paratethys (Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) with the International stratigraphic chart 36
Zagorodnyuk P., Lisny G., Ryumin V., Ustenko E. Computer model of seismic waves vertical velocity distribution for central part of the Dniprovsko-Donetsk depression 62
Mykhailov V., Guliy V., Gladun M. Shale oil and technologies of its extraction 71
Bartashchuk O., Vysochanskyy I., Repryntsev V., Zdorovenkо М. Predicting а new area of oil-and-gas accumulation in extreme south part of Dniprovsko-Donetsk depression 82
Shevchuk V., Kravchenko D., Mazko A. Dynamic and kinematic conditions of late phases of Paleoproterozoic graniteformation and tectogenesis within the Pervomaysk fault zone 88
Rudenko K., Деревська К., Prykhodko V., Kosovskyy Ya., Bezugla M. Lower vendian ratno beds ore-bearing and its connection with rocks alteration (Chartoryisk fracture zone) 96
Volfson I., Farrahov G. About some problems of applied medical geology 104
Zhukov M., Stakhiv I., Klypa A. Contamination of Kyiv soils with heavy metals based on content distribution modeling 112
Usminska O. Conditions of sedimentation of miocene in the central part of Volyn-Podillia region 117

Zagorodnyuk P., Rudko G. Main biostratigraphic stages in the Earth history. Technogenic scenarios 127

Shumlianskyi V., Ivantyshyna O., Derevska K. Life and work of academician Oleksander Fersman. To 130th anniversary of his birthday 139
Lukienko O., Smirnov A., Korobkin B., Giorgobiani T. To 80th anniversary of Eugene Patalakha 145

Nikitenko I., Chernenko O. Results of the petrographic survey of the foundations of Savior’s Transfiguration cathedral in the city of Chernihiv 147
Panchenko V., Yakovleva V. Exploration and estimation of amber depositsin 1979-1980 (to 155th anniversary of Pavlo Tutkovsky’s birthday) 155
Machulina S. Cross stones (symbol of cross in stones) 160
Liventseva G. Academician Tutkovsky’s paths 164
Mershchiy V. Viennese coffee and more 171
Radzivill O. Holy madness of creating 182