Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 3-4 (35-36), JULY-DECEMBER, 2011

NADRA Group is 20! 5
How had everything begun… 7
Furduy R. For those who are on the way 15
Ogar V. At the cross-sections of Bashkiria 18
Bushak S. From «Association of Russian Geologists» in Russian Empire to «Association of Geologists of Ukraine» – the length of way is 84 years 22
Liventseva G. International scientific Conference «Scientific foundations of geological-economic evaluation of mineral resources of Ukraine and the world» 26
Derevska E., Paliy V., Grytsenko V. ІІ International scientific Conference «Geological memorials are the striking evidences of Earth evolution 29
Lelyk B., Gafych I., Lenhart H. International conference «Shale gas results in Europe-2011» 33
Kichka А. Alternative resources and the role of new technologies: 73d annual conference EAGE in Vienna 35
Ogar V. 11th symposium about fossil cnidarians and sponges 39

Lialko V., Popov М. Modern condition and prospects of remote vertical profile of Earth in Ukraine 41
Stelmakh V. Service companies of Nadra Group are ready to employ in Ukraine the cumulative perforating systems Deep star millenium produced by Halliburton! 48

Lepigov G., Guliy V., Lyzanets А., Tsokha О. Shebelynka gas field structure and distribution of gas flows (in light of abiogenic genesis theory of hydrocarbons) 50
Mykhaylov V., Ogar V., Zeykan O., Gladun V., Chepil P. Prospects of gas-bearing shale deposits eastern sector Dnieper-Donets depression 55
Radzivill А., Zaytseva L., Vergelska N. About sedimentary-endogenous origin of heraclitus in the South-West Mountain Crimea and prospects of their using in prognostication of hydrocarbon deposits 63
Stryzhak V., Roslyy I., Vakarchuk S. Prospective directions of parametric drilling in the Eastern oil-and-gas region of Ukraine 70
Redkolis V., Vergunenko O. Sedimentation environment, formation of non-anticlinal hydrocarbon traps in XIIth microfaunistic horizon upon the seismostratigraphic analysis, the Sribne depression of Dnieper-Donets basin 77
Paliy V. The unique paleontological objects in the Vendian and Lower Cambrian deposits of Middle Dniestr River region 85
Ivantsov А. Zymnogorsk location of imprints of Vendian multi-cellular animals is the unique nature object of world value 89
Tsynkobourova M. Ilmen glint is geological site of complex type on North-West of Russia 99
Rudko G. Medical geology as a new scientific branch 104
Liventseva G. The role of public geological organizations in preserving and reasonable using of Ukrainian subsoil 110

Osmachko L. Structural-petrographical characteristics synsheared transformation of the crystalline complexes of East Azov 119
Кorzhniev M. About interconnection of living matter evolution with cyclicity of geological processes and information field 125

85th anniversary of Khava Faievna Dzhamalova 133
Volkodav I. 85th anniversary of Evgen Kostiantynovych Markhinin 135
Drozdovskaya A. The role of personality in the history of geology: the 60th anniversary of creative and scientific activity of Shniukov E.F. 138
Volodymyr Albertovych Mukhaylov is 60! 145
Pavlyshyn V. Volodymyr Shunko is 60! 147
The first jubilee of Kateryna Derevska 149
To the memory of Volodymyr Kindratovych Naychuk 152
Savkiv B. Petro Fedorovych Shpak is the great geologist, public and state figure. The 80th anniversary 154
Savkiv B. Great drill man P.P. Shumylo 157

Gudzenko V. Memoirs about the first days and weeks of Chernobyl accident 161
Tolstoy М. Fragments of memoirs about international relations of geologists from Kyiv University 169
Klochko L. Amber ways into Scythian times 173
Merschiy V. Teteriv river 181