National projects

2000 The development of the Concept of reorganization of the geological industry "Geology and subsurface exploration in 2000-2005", which was supported by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, became a powerful impetus for the further development of Ukrainian geology.

The concept was adopted at the 1st Congress of Geologists of Ukraine, May 25, 2000, Kyiv

May 2001 On the initiative of the Minister of Geology of the Ukrainian SSR (1967–1982), adviser to the president of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, honorary president of the public organization "Union of Geologists of Ukraine" Petro Shpak, the Council of Veterans of Geology of Ukraine was created as part of the PO UAG to pay due respect to the honoured people of the field.

The main purpose of the council's activities is to unite veteran geology specialists in order to preserve the connection between generations. We are interested in the fact that veterans transfer their invaluable scientific, industrial and managerial experience to the youth in order to elevate the geological industry of Ukraine.

2001 The Union of Geologists of Ukraine began to revive the children's and youth geological movement in the country, to hold olympiads for young geologists, to provide sponsorship assistance to geological museums at technical schools and higher educational institutions, where specialists are trained for the geological field.

The Union of Geologists of Ukraine started educational work in boarding schools for children with hearing impairments. Members of the organization support and actively participate in the annual Olympiads of young geologists in Kharkiv, Rivne and other cities.

2003 A periodical printed organ of the "Union of Geologists of Ukraine" - the journal "Geologist of Ukraine" was registered.
2003 The members of the union developed a project for the experimental and industrial exploitation of the heavy reserves of the Rusko-Komariv gas field in Transcarpathia and equipped it. (Specialists of the NADRA Group)
2003 Support of the main conceptual tasks of the Strategy for the Development and Reform of the Geological Industry of Ukraine for 2003-2010.
2003 Proposal to the State Natural Resources Committee:
  • To submit to the Verkhovna Rada in accordance with the established procedure the draft Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On State Awards of Ukraine", providing for the establishment of the honorary title "Honored Geologist of Ukraine".
  • To take measures in accordance with the established procedure regarding:
  • Take measures in accordance with the established procedure regarding:
    • introduction of the "Geologist-Economist" specialty at the Faculty of Geology of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv;
    • organizations in the field of systems for retraining and advanced training of managers and specialists of geological enterprises.
2003 In Poland, 2003 was declared the year of Lukasiewicz, because the Poles interpret the events related to the discovery of the kerosene lamp as purely their achievement. The Union of Geologists of Ukraine restored historical justice by holding in Lviv the scientific conference "History, current state and prospects for the development of the oil and gas industry of Ukraine in the context of international integration" and by installing a bronze memorial plaque.
2004 The UAG pays great attention to the preservation of geological monuments of Ukraine. With the aim of their further cataloguing, popularization and protection, in October 2004, together with the State Committee for Natural Resources of Ukraine, a scientific and methodological seminar "Geological monuments of Ukraine" was held.

The Union of Geologists informed the public about the 5th International Symposium of the European Association for the Preservation of Geological Heritage (ProGEO), which took place on the initiative of the Ukrainian members of this organization in Kyiv and Kamianets-Podilskyi in September 2006. The destruction of geological monuments is an irreversible process, therefore alarming the trends in the development of modern civilization make us think about what will remain after us to future generations.

Funding of the unique book "Essays on the History of Geological Research at Kyiv University" became a sign of moral support for all those who consciously chose geology as the main business of their lives.

It is undeniable that the union is based on the enthusiasm of people who are not indifferent to the fate of Ukrainian geology, different in specialty, age and preferences. It is thanks to their support that the 10th anniversary of its foundation is celebrated by the Association of Geologists of Ukraine with important achievements in all spheres of activity, new perspectives and bold plans for the future.

2005 The beginning of the development of the idea of creating an Interdepartmental Educational and Methodological Coordination Centre, which will take care of the training of young specialists. With the aim of mastering advanced technologies corresponding to the world level, the centre would organize postgraduate training for graduates of higher educational institutions, would promote their further professional growth, would be engaged in the search for orders and employment of young geologists, would provide qualified personnel for temporary teams created specifically for the implementation of individual projects and tasks won under tender conditions both in Ukraine and abroad.
2009 A new interesting direction of the Union's activity is participation in the implementation of the joint program with the Tutkovsky Institute "Upgrading the qualifications of specialists in the oil and gas industry of Ukraine for international cooperation and work in Western companies." Within the framework of this program, on November 11 and 12, 2009, at the Institute of Geological Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and in the premises of the Tutkovsky Institute, AAPG representative Frans van Bachem gave lectures on the problem of oil mother rocks. This is just the start of the program, which has great prospects for domestic specialists and foreign partners.

The training was attended by 42 representatives of Naukanaftogaz SE, Institute of Geological Sciences, Cadogan Ukraine LLC, UkrDGRI, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukrgazvydobuvannya DC, Poltava Gas and Oil Company JV, etc. The lecturer was Dr. Volodymyr Grechka (Shell Exploration and Production).

2010 For dedication to geology, significant contribution to its development, 232 geologists were awarded the Silver Badge and 209 - the Gold Badge. 93 geologists were awarded the "For Merit" medal. The Union honoured 167 geologists with geological hammers. According to the submissions of the Ukrainian Mineralogical Society, four geologists were awarded the "For Contribution to Mineralogy" medal.
2012 In order to support Ukrainian geologists, the Ukrainian Association of Geologists launched a large-scale social employment program aimed at attracting geologists to new projects who, for objective reasons, cannot fully realize themselves or have remained outside the profession. There are no age, qualification or territorial (geographical) restrictions for program participants.

The program of employment and adaptation to the conditions of the market economy of specialists in the geological exploration industry in order to preserve the personnel and intellectual potential of Ukrainian geology was founded by the Ukrainian Association of Geologists and is aimed at the employment of Ukrainian specialists - participants of the program - in non-state ownership structures and international companies operating in Ukraine, as well as on the world market of geological exploration works and services.

The main thing is to have a desire to gain new knowledge, adopt modern international experience and master the latest work methods.

2017 The PO "Ukrainian Association of Geologists" developed the Platform "The Implementation of the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement Standards on the Effective and Balanced Use of Natural Resources." The concept of the Platform was considered and approved on November 15, 2017 at the extraordinary congress of the public organization "Union of Geologists of Ukraine".