Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 4 (20), OCTOBER-DECEMBER, 2007

Kitchka O. AAPG Regional conference in Athens: an offbeat approach 3



Lepigov G., Vasilenko A. Industrial and reserve ores (on the issue of revaluation of Ukrainian mineral resources) 6
Ivanova N. «Oil and gas-2007»: one Forum, three exhibitions, eleven years of prestige (an interview with B. Khristevich) 10
Yentin V., Drozd V. The condition and ways of renewing of geological equipment for ore production on the enterprises of State Geological Survey of Ukraine 14
Lebid M., Matsuy V. Space-time association of amber and brown coal in European Cainozoic 16

Ivanishin V., Kononenko L., Onufrishin S. The unique Devonian deposits of Dnieper-Donetsk cavity (DDC). Guzhevskaia 305 parametric well 19
Matchoulina S., Radzivill A., Vergelska N. On gipsum in black shale sediments of Stylian suite, Donbass 25
Mischenko V. The strategy of national environmental policy in the field of subsurface resources development 29
Osadchiy V., Kurovets I., Prykhodko O., Hrytsyk I. Geothermobaric conditions and position of hydrocarbon deposits in the South oil and gas region of Ukraine 36
Ivanova A., Zaytseva L. Petrographic composition and fissuring of carbon as factors of its methane capacity 43
Orischenko I. Deep transformations of the Earth inner energy in the process of migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons 49
Voyevodin V. The method of analogies in ore geology and its prognostic-reconnaissance efficiency 55

Bushak S. From the cohort of the famous (on the 150th anniversary of academic P.A. Tutkovskiy's birth) 64
Bobrov O. The master's jubilee. Albert Olexyovich Sivoronov is seventy 71
Yakovlev Ye. From a miner to a public servant 75
In the memory of Levko Vasylyovych Kurylyuk 78
In the memory of Halina Dmytrivna Zabello 79

Yentin V. On the history of geological-geophysical mapping of crystalline complexes of Ukrainian Shield. Half-forgotten pages 80
Vasylchenko A., Chernyakov O. A source of growth of salt diapirs 86
Matchoulina S., Razinkova A. Larimar – Dominican turquoise 91
Furduy R. «Science knows many gitiks!» 93

Terms and conditions of publishing 96