Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 1 (13), JANUARY-MARCH, 2006

Ivanova N. The oldest geological institution of Ukraine celebrates its 80th anniversary 3
Kichka О. In the lands of hundred gales, the country of thousand fires (5th International conference of geology and the Caspian and Black seas oil & gas potential) 9
Mykhailov V. Ore resources of Ukraine (A review of the monograph) 12

Ivanova N. The ideology of changes and search: JSC «NADRA Concern» is 15 years old 14
Matsui V. Problems and future trends of Ukrainian amber 20
Baranov P., Shevchenko V. Semiprecious stone material and its importance for the economics of Ukraine 24

Zagorodnyuk P., Gafych O. Tendencies analysis of data technologies development in exploration and engineering of gas and oil reservoirs and aspects of their application in Ukraine 30
Kashuba G., Fedoriv R., Kunevitch V., Karmazenko V. Reservoir determination and their appraisal in the crystalline rocks of substructure in accordance with GIS data 39
Matchulina S., Kvasnytsya I., Galaburda Yu. Pyrite polyhedrons from carbonate rocks of Stylskyi quarry 44
Mischenko V. Market-economic criteria of rational use of depths in Ukraine 48

Biletskyi V., Shpilevoy L. Yozef August Morozewicz 62
Shagan L. The way we studied and worked...Remembrances of the veteran 67
The scientist and production worker (the anniversary of Gladun V.V.) 70

Kyrylyuk V. The evolution of outlooks on tectonic development of Ukrainian shield basement 71
Emelyanov Yu., Sorokina G. Stratigraphic objects of Lugansk region and their use as the subjects of scientific tourism 80
Matchulina S. A green fairy tale (clinchlorine-seraphinit) 84
Guliy V. Sunrise country (new meeting in thirteen years) 87
Yentin V. Peculiarities of national frontier-geological contacts (from the Carpathian diary) 91
Bushak S. Sculptor who immortalized the figures of Ukrainian geology coryphaeus 97

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