Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 1-2 (25-26), JANUARY-JUNE, 2009

Belousova A. Geological siege of Glebovka 4
Belousova A. Out of professional activity 8
Guliy V., Klimpush-Tsintsadze I. Common care of Ukraine and EC about European energy security: The Second Security Forum in Kyiv 9
Tysyachna O., Guliy V. New promising types of the deposits in the oceans 11
Shulga V., Vergelska N. The 7th European Coal Conference 14
Bukovskiy V. General Director «Pivnichgeologiya». 90th Anniversary of Northern State Regional Geological Enterprise 16
Lyzanets A. Ukrainian scientific research institute of Gas is the scientific support of the gas-extraction in Ukraine 18
Viflyantsev V. Nevskaya Geophysics is at the 10th Moscow International Exhibition «Oil and Gas»/MIOGE 20

Manukov S. Exploration seismology 2D and 3D are inferior without Vertical Seismic Profiling during the research of oil-and-gas fields 22
Chertenkov M., Kasimov A., Alabushyn A.,Kym V.,Pokul A., Kuptsova T. Discovering of zones of improved manifold of the interstitial type on the basis of VSP and FMI data complex analysis 25
Chertenkov M., Alabushyn A., Kasimov A., Sobolev A. Studying of the wave speed dependence on the temperature in the rock with bituminous oil 29
Krasnozhon M., Kosachenko V., Ruchko V. «POSHUK» technology for oil-and-gas fields exploration 32

Mischenko V. Geologicaly-economical instruments of interior-using: Formation and problems of improvement 41
Kurovets I., Prytulka G., Chepusenko P.,Shyra A., Shuflyak U. Petro-physical characteristic of Jurassic period rock of Ukrainian part of Pre-Carpathian flexure 53
Lepigov G., Guliy V., Tsoha O. Oil-and-gas content of Donbas. Deep-laid gas in anthracite massif and features of gas columns in the zones of Age of Reptiles folding 64
Korzhnev M., Kurilo M. Problems of interior exhaustion when choosing the objects for exploration work 76
Omelchuk A. Main features of geological evolution of Northern-Western range of the Pacific Ocean 83
Nikolaenko B. Landscaping and geomorphologic indicators of new movable structures of platform regions of Ukraine 88
Rudko G., Netskyi O. Medical-geological problems when exploration and geological-economical estimation of underground water fields 98
Kurylo M., Dyschuk U.,Chernienko I., Balan E. Gold-Silver-Polymetallic mineralization of Nagolnyi range (Donbas) 105

Congratulations to great carbonic-geologist Sergiy Grygorovych Khrapkin on his 80th Anniversary 115
Lukienko Olexandr Ivanivych. To his 70th Anniversary 116
Kotlyar O. To the 70th Anniversary of V.I. Poletaev 118
Dedicated to the memory of Pr. Dmytro Eliseyovych Makarenko 121

Myhailov V., Kurylo M. 65th anniversary of the Department of Geology of minerals fields of Taras Shevchenko National University 124
Shagan L. How we worked in the fifties last century 130
Belousova A. Mammoth-unique has its own seal 133
Machulina S. Преніт is the spring color stone 138
Merschiy V. Appointment with Hungary 139
Krochak M. Kamchatka – 2008 (Pages from the geologist's dairy) 152