Societal challenges

Civil society - also known as the third sector or the society of participation - plays a crucial role in addressing socially important issues and achieving global development goals. It actively engages in shaping the future we desire. The effectiveness of governments relies heavily on the development of society. Different societies prioritize various aspects, such as security and political stability, socio-economic growth, energy independence, technological leadership, demographic growth, and more.

At the core of civil society's ideology lies a commitment to sustainable development principles. It acknowledges that the utilization of natural resources should foster economic growth to meet the needs of humanity without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to fulfil their own needs.

Relevant legal documents and analytical materials from global agencies in the field of Societal challenges

The World Social Report 2020
The World Social Report 2020 published by UNDESA explores the influence of four megatrends, such as technological innovation, climate change, urbanization and international migration on inequality.
societal challenges

Declaration of the Significance of Geoscience Expertise to Meet Global Societal Challenges
This declaration proclaims the necessity to work together to support and promote all forms of geoscience research for ability to anticipate and meet both current challenges and future issues. The declaration is signed in solidarity by the European Geosciences Union, the American Geophysical Union, the Geosciences Society of Asia Oceania, the Geological Society of America, the Geological Sciences Association of Japan, the Geological Society, DVGeo – Dachverband der Geowissenschaften, EuroGeoSurveys, Geological Survey of Europe, GEO*8 | International Association for the Promotion of Geoethics, International Geoscience Educational Organization, International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, International Union of Soil Science, Italian Society of Agricultural Chemistry, Italian Society of Soil Science, Paleontological Society, Society of America, UiT Arctic University of Norway
societal challenges

Global Report on Food Crises 2023
A Global Report published by the Food Security Information Network estimates that over a quarter of a billion people were acutely food-insecure and required urgent food assistance in 58 food-crisis countries/territories in 2022

Report on the Impact of Climate Change on Migration (October 2021)
This report provides an overview of planet's climate changes and their impact on migration of the population. It makes recommendations for the establishment of a standing interagency policy process on Climate Change and Migration to coordinate U.S. Government efforts to mitigate and respond to migration resulting from the impacts of climate change that brings together representatives across the scientific, development, humanitarian, and peace and security elements of the U.S. Government

2023 Global Health Care Outlook
In its annual report, Deloitte Company examines the current state of the sector and explores insights around international health policies, identifying emerging threats to public health, and how technology will change health care delivery over the next decade.

The Global Salt Therapy Summit - STAcon2023 (September 11-12, USA)
The Salt Therapy Association (STA) announces the 6th Annual STA Conference, which will take place September 11th and 12th in Indianapolis, IN, USA. All of the top industry pros, masterminds, businesses and scientists from all over the world will be there

The Green Economy Tracker
It is stated that The Green Economy Tracker created by Green Economy Coalition is the web tool to benchmark how countries are transitioning and adapting to green economy policies, as well as the track of the global crisis recovery.

War Ecology: A New Paradigm
Green Journal, no. 2, 2022 (France) named "War Ecology: A New Paradigm" published a number of urgent articles on the theme of wartime ecology, the new climate realpolitik economic planning and war economy in the context of ecological crisis perspectives on the economy of war and ecological planning and the environmental impact of the war.

A Global Standard for Lifelong Learning and Worker Engagement to Support Advanced Manufacturing (2019)
Global Standard for Lifelong Learning in Advanced Manufacturing’ by Francisco Betti and Maria Basso, published by the World Economic Forum, provides an overview of lifelong learning and worker engagement in manufacturing.