Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 3 (31), JULY-SEPTEMBER, 2010

Lelyk B. International investment forum "Coalbed methane. Financing of pojects in Ukraine" 3
Merschiy V. Barcelona a meeting place for European geophysicists 4
Forum "Innovations and high technologies" make bridges between education, science and industry 14
Lelyk B. The 6th International research conference "Methane of coal fields" 16
Zaytseva V. 60th anniversary of the Zakarpatska expedition for geological exploration 17

Almandinger O., Schegolikhin A., Makarov D. Principles and results of attributive analysis application for exploration of zones with improved reservoir properties in carbonates: Case study for Molchanovsk field 27
Lensky V, Adiev R., Akhtyamov R., Bachurin N., Shaporenko S. OVSP efficiency application to oilfields of the West Оrenburg area 32
Pakhomov V., Sergeev A., Salikhova F., Kazhdan E. About actuality and perspective of VSP-support in complex exploration works on the real examples of oilfield study in Bashkortostan Republic 38
Pakhomov V., Sergeev A., Kazhdan E., Salikhova F. The experience of VSP maintenance service in prospecting, exploration and development of oil fields in the Republic of Bashkortostan. 41

Narimanov A., Khuduzade A. Formation of oil and gas accumulation in the North-Western part of Apsheron Archipelago, South Caspian Sea 45
Lebed V. Framing of basement uplifts flanks as a prospective target for hydrocarbon exploration in the Romny-Okhtyrka district 49
Sinitsyn V.A., Shunko V.V. The attempt of systematics of the Ukrainian shield metasomatites using formation analysis 57
Lukienko A., Kravchenko D. Tectonifacies analysis for mapping of Precambrian dislocation tectonics in the Ukrainian shield 64
Ponomarenko A., Osmachko L., Demedjuk V. About multiple deformation of Early Precambrian formations within the Orekhov-Pavlograd shear zone. 72
Shumlyanskyy L.V., Mateyuk V.V., Melnichuk V.G. U-Pb age and Hf isotope composition of zircons extracted from the Polissya Series sandstones: problem of the source of clastic material 78
Balalayev O. K., Tkhorenko S. S. Application of modern infrared Fourier spectroscopy for the analysis of structure of solid combustible minerals: Case study for Donbass coals 85
Lukinov V., Pimonenko L., Burchak A., Baranovskyy V. Petrographic and physical characteristics of coal matter substance from kink bands 91
Mischenko V. «Damnation of resources» and its Ukrainian context 98

Stavytskyy E., Golub P., Thorovska N. On perspectives of shale gas within the limits of Eastern oil and gas region of Ukraine 103

Savkin B. Prominent scientist and gas geologist Makogon Yu.F 108
Barg I. My mission is paleontology 114
Ivanova Ariadna Victorivna – the 75th anniversary 116
100th anniversary of Grygorovych S.V 117

Derevskaya E., Matsuy V. International symposium in Sambiya opens secrets of amber 118
Zagorodnyuk V. Chernigov 120
Geologists laughs. Creator of good humor Evgeniy Khaikin 127