V Conference of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists



In the current situation being created in the geological industry during the transition from the planned state economy to the market and the reduce in the volume of state orders associated with these processes, part-time or final release of workers and the preservation of staff and intellectual potential of Ukrainian geology has acquired extraordinary acuteness that cannot remain outside the field of view of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists.

The former Soviet Union had a powerful geological school, whose one of the strongest components was traditionally Ukrainian geology. The victorious work of Ukrainian geologists created a unique and powerful mineral resource base of our country. 8,172 deposits of 97 types of minerals of industrial importance have been explored in the depths of Ukraine today. Everyone knows that in Soviet times, Ukrainian geologists worked successfully in the Far North of the RSFSR, in Central Asia, Kazakhstan, and during the Second World War in Siberia, the Far East, Altai and the Urals. The representatives of the Ukrainian School of Oil and Gas Geology participated in the search and exploration of hydrocarbon deposits in Western Siberia. Ukrainian geologists contributed greatly in filling the gold value fund of the country with precious metal from Kolyma in connection with the lend-lease program. Subsequently, Ukrainian geologists carried out extensive work in Cuba, Afghanistan, Vietnam, China, Nicaragua, Africa and other countries.

The school of Ukrainian geophysicists made a significant contribution to the study of the deep structure of the Earth and its geospheres on a fairly detailed and unique material of Ukraine and neighbouring countries of Europe.

However, today, industrial organizations and scientific institutions are forced under the pressure of objective circumstances to reduce the staff, resulting in the unemployment of qualified professionals who are unable to find a job on their own. We believe that the level of training, knowledge, skills and experience of Ukrainian geologists, whose work created one of the largest mineral resources bases in the world, occupy a leading place and should be in demand in this market.


The program of employment and adaptation to the conditions of market economy of specialists in the geological prospecting and exploration industry in order to preserve the staff and intellectual potential of Ukrainian geology was founded by the Ukrainian Association of Geologists and is aimed at the employment of Ukrainian specialists and participants of the program in the structures of non-state ownership and international companies that work in Ukraine as well as in the global market of geological prospecting and exploration and services.

One of the priorities of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists is to preserve the traditions of Ukrainian geology and its human resources to promote the maximum implementation of their creative abilities by geologists, the practical application of professional skills and abilities and the transfer of professional knowledge of young people.

In order to support Ukrainian geologists, the Ukrainian Association of Geologists founded, in 2012, a new large-scale social employment program aimed at attracting new projects of geologists who, for objective reasons, could not fully realize themselves or remain outside the profession. There was no age, qualification or territorial (geographic) restrictions for program participants. The important requirement was to have a desire to acquire new knowledge, to adopt modern international experience and to master the latest methods of work.


The program already involves partners of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists such as international public organizations like the EAGE, SEG, AAPG, as well as the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Business Cooperation in Geophysical Research and Work in Wells (Association AIS, Russia), Azerbaijan Society of Petroleum Geologists (FSPG), Society of Petroleum Geologists of Kazakhstan (ONGK) and Nadra Group companies.

Ways of implementation

The program provides the constant monitoring of Ukrainian and foreign companies in order to find and attract specialists for the implementation of projects in all countries of the world.

Despite the possible differences between the expectations of free specialists and the real needs of employers, the Tutkovsky Institute introduces advanced professional development courses in a narrow specialization, as well as for mastering foreign languages.

Today, for more than two years, the program ‘Professional Development of Specialists of Oil and Gas Industry of Ukraine for International Cooperation and Work in Western Companies’ has been operating. It involves hundreds of participants. The program is based on Tutkovsky Institute with the support of Nadra Group companies, global firms such as Shell, Halliburton, Regal Petroleum, Discovery Drilling Equipment and RAG and international NGOs such as EAGE, SEG and AAPG.

Become an active participant of the employment program! Waiting for your suggestions on ways and methods of its implementation! Specialists of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists have collected a large database of potential employers (geological prospecting and exploration and mining companies), which is constantly being updated. It is also possible to assist Ukrainian geologists in the organization of private business.