Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 1 (9), JANUARY-MARCH, 2005

Administrative-elective Congress of «Association of Ukrainian Geologists» 3
Guliy V. From continental drift to evolution of Gondwanaland 7

Bobrov O., Krasnozhon M., Ponomarenko O., Skobelev V., Stepanyuk L. Laboratory of precision measurements of UkrSGPI as a new step in building up of the technological basis of national geological industry 8
Ogar V. The granite of Malyn 16
Mykhaylov V. Geological department: present and future 18
Blokhinska G. 60th anniversary of technical school in Drogobych 22

Stovba S. About salt tectonics mechanisms in Dniper-Donetsk depression 23
Lukin O., Benko V., Gladun V., Zdorovenko M., Mezhuev V., Ogar V., Sergiy G., Tsiokha O., Shchukin M. Bogatoysko-Orelska-Zatyshnyanska mega-atoll: A large-scale oil and gas accumulation on the south-eastern part of Dniper-Donetsk depression 30
Levashov S., Yakymchuk M., Korchagin I., Zazekalo I., Soroka A. Express technology of «direct» search and exploration of oil and gas fields by geoelectric methods: results of use in gas-promising zones of Dniper-Donetsk depression (Poltava region) 43
Kvasnytsa I. Natural copper crystal of Ukraine 55

Bushak S. An outstanding geologist and famous artist satirist 65
Makarenko D. An oil worker on a call of heart 72
Anniversarry – it is a bit sad 74
Congratulate with the peak of the age! 75
The main geologist of Ukrainian research institute of natural gases is 50! 76

Patalakha E., Tregubenko V. A giant tsunami in Indian Ocean (26.12.2004) – geodynamics and lessons for Ukraine 77
Levshunova S. The ancient oil of Australia of an extraterrestial origin? 88
Machulina S. Turqoise: the stone of good luck and happiness 92
Magda Y. A journey to the world of unique natural phenomena. Mud volcanos through an objective of a camera 96
Palamar' S. The prey of egoist 100
Zagorodnyuk V. Sing, heart! 102

Gavrysh O. Rescue power of understanding 103

Terms and conditions of publishing 105