Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 1-2 (29-30), JANUARY-JUNE, 2010

Announcement of the Annual Conference and Industrial Exhibition AAPG (European Region), 17-19 October 2010, Kyiv  
Galetskyy L., Khruschov D., Remezova O., Kyrpach Yu., Svyvalneva T., Stepanyuk O. International Conference "Resources of titanium ores in the CIS countries - 2009» 3
Pally V., Shekhunova S. The salt of Polish land 10
Lelyk B. JSC «Nadra Concern» winning the competition «TOP Energy Effectiveness 2009» 20

Dobrynin S., Stenin V., Stenin A. Methodological aspects of the multiwave multiplex acoustic logging data application 21
Shekhtman G., Cherepovskyy A. Recognition of buried reef by different modifications of VSP method upon modeling data 26
Chudinov U., Kuznetsova N., Bogomolova N., Tymoshenko I., Korovko L. Application of MS VSP under exploitation of hydrocarbon fields in Perm region, Russia 33

Paranko I., Gursky D., Bobrov O., Pavlun M., Sivoronov A. Development of Quaternary geology in the context of ideas generated by V.I. Vernadsky 41
Voznyak D., Kvasnitsa V. Where and how do the diamonds grow? 48
Mitrokhin A., Andreyev A., Bunkevych A., Khlon E. Generation analysis of zircons from rapakivi of the Korsun-Novymyrgorod Pluton (by monograin XRF-analysis) 62
Shumlyanskyy L., Maazur M. The age and substantial structure of iotunits of the Bily Korovitchy belt 70
Osmachko L., Yanchenko V. Conglomerate-like bodies as the indicators of strike-slip 79
Marchenkov D., Shnyukov S. Granite-pegmatite of the Volyn mega-block of Ukrainian Shield: modern state of its study, purpose and tasks for further exploration 85
Lebed V. Perspectives and development aspects for the Northwestern part of Dnieper-Donets basin oil potential 99
Ivanishin V., Kononenko L., Samonenko T. Unique Devonian sections of the Dnieper-Donets Basin. Parametric well Nezhyn-338 104
Kravchynskyy R., Kyzlat A., Demyanchuk Yu. Geochemistry of radioactive elements in the bottom sediments of Karachunovsk water reservoir 122

Hayduk S. The prospects of the Mazurovka field development 127
Chernienko N. Some notes on the Mazurovka or invitation for the discussion 133
Menasova A. The problem of bilateral symmetric organisms origin 137

Grinchenko V., Zinchenko O., Shunko V. Professor V.I. Pavlyshyn is 70 140
Savkiv B., Kuzmuk L. Prominent gas explorer V.P. Savchenko. Contribution of Ukrainian into world geology of natural gas fields and development of gas and gas-condensate reserves 143

Kukovalska N., Lemets G., Matsuy V. Museum of Ukrainian amber 149
Krupskyy U. Oil and Gas of Lviv region 156
Romanyuk V. The knives with the marks of Lithuanian period from tract Sushky 160
Machulina S. Okenite is the talisman of comfort and warmness 163
Merschyy V. Meeting with China 164
Kaduchenko I. Photo in a square 177