Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 2 (10), APRIL-JUNE, 2005

Shunko V. International Scientific Conference devoted to the Academician Bondarchuk's 100 Anniversary 3
Redina V., Skryl I., Raspopov A. Geological movement of the youth people in Kharkiv region 5
Prokopets V. Geological Museum of Kiev Geological Technical School - what can it do? 7
Bolotov S., Borysenok B. Training field practical work - the basic element 11
Nerodenko V. At our place in Crimea 19
Bezugla M. Carl Zeiss: «We make it visible» 23
Academician Lazarenko's Medal 25

Radzivill A. Geological problems and possibilities of power saving in Ukraine 26
Savkiv B. Geological preconditions to improve gas storage network in Ukraine 34
Bagirov B., Nazarova S., Salmanov A., Shabanov S., Bagirova S. Peculiarities of temperature changes in the South Caspian Basin oil and gas fields during their development 38
Melnik V. Problems of industrial development of alunite ores on Beregivske deposit 45

Lukienko 0. Synergetics of tectonic rock flow in the fault zones (from tectonofacies analysis viewpoint) 48
Guliy V., Mitchell J., Seivin S. Poligenesis of the Precambrian deposits (apatite-carbonate ores of Aldan shield) 56
Kovalchuk M., Figura L., Kozyakova I. Gold containing of Quaternary alluvial deposits of Ukraine 68
Korzhnev M., Kurilo M. Economic assessment of geological environment 77

The creator of modern realistic tectonics 83
Matsuy V. The geologist - producer, journalist, writer 85

Kuzmik L., Liashevych I. Hydrodynamical hypothesis of the Earth's continents formation 86
Voinovsky A. About diamonds and other mineral resources of Angola 89
Matchoulina S. It was bourn in the interior of Ural Mountains (uvarovite) 95
Furduy R. One meter twenty 98