The Public Organization Ukrainian Association of Geologists (UAG) is a voluntary, independent, transparent, and all-Ukrainian public self-regulatory organization, which unites its members on the basis of common interests to implement and protect rights and freedoms and to meet public needs, in particular economic, social, cultural, environmental and so on.

UAG’s ideology is based on the commitment to the principles of sustainable development—the realization that use of natural resources should contribute to economic growth to meet the needs of the current generation without jeopardizing the ability of the future generations to satisfy their needs.

At the beginning of the XXIst century the society has faced global challenges, the main ones are quality of air and water, energy and material demands, natural disasters, outbreak of new diseases, climate changes, and human migration to form a complex network of the connected interdependence between environment, the society and economy. There is a transformation of priorities responding to these challenges in geology that demands a new view for the role of geological sciences and new approaches to the organization and trends in exploration for useful minerals. Therefore activity of the Ukrainian Association of Geologists covers issues of effective and balanced use of all kinds of natural resources, protection and preservations of environment, integration of geological knowledge with other information on the environment and resources of the Earth.

Geologists who possess a deep understanding of the geosphere, its composition, properties and dynamics, interaction with the hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere and anthroposphere should combine their efforts to be the pioneers of new global trends in environmental management and face the challenges of the XXI century.

UAG’s mission is to unify specialists and scientists, teachers and students of higher and secondary educational institutions of geological profile, as well as specialists of other industries whose professional and creative interests are in accordance with geological study and mineral resources usage, to promote and popularize development and economic and social importance of the exploration industry and geological science as a foundation for the mineral resource base of Ukraine, to improve the legislative support of geological production and protection of the geological environment, to preserve the achievements and traditions of the national geological school, to help the entry of Ukrainian specialists into the world market of exploration and services, and to protect the members’ rights and interests in Ukraine and abroad.

Carrying out its mission, the Association initiates international projects and joins such projects of its partners. Citizens of many countries, including the European Union, are involved in these projects. Many Ukrainian geologists had worked and are working in countries of the former USSR and of the world, had became citizens of these countries, but did not break communications with the Ukrainian Association of Geologists. Therefore, according to the composition of its members, the Association is an international public organization.