Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 4 (40), OCTOBER-DECEMBER, 2012

Burban I. Oil and Gas-2012 5
Liventseva G., Kvasha M. Discovery Drilling Equipment presented new drilling rig 12
Burban I. By old-new rules 14
Kitchka O. Australia – Brisbane – Congress: Seven days and an ocean of impressions (echoing the 34th International Geological Congress) 21
Burban I. 5th International forum of complex laboratory equipment LABComplEX-2012: highlights of laboratory industry 32
Matsuy V., Derevska K. International scientific seminar «From conifers’ tar to amber. Identification of fossil tars» 35
Derevska K., Kurylo M., Nazarova I. Scientific conference «Such a diverse world of mineralogy» (to 100th anniversary of academician E.K. Lazarenko’s birth) 37

Drachuk O. Analysis of the technologies of casing perforation of productive formations and the equipment for their realization on the fields of Ukraine 39

Rudko G. Medical geology is a new direction in science and practice development 48
Lukienko A., Yanchenko V. Precambrian Conglomerative Masses of the Ukrainian Shield (mechanisms, conditions and stages of formation) 52
Zagorodnyuk P., Mershchiy V., Mershchiy O. Research of influence of weathering zone on spectral structure of seismic signals 60
Bybliv O., Solovyov I. 3D seismic researches in the problems of design, construction and work optimization, extention and modeling of natural gas storage facilities 70
Lyzhachenko N. Comprehensive geological-industrial estimation of graphite deposits of Ukraine 78
Mokiiets V., Sankina G. Methodological aspects of studying and typing of geological additional monuments as environmental objects and their application in the geological exploration of «Korsun-Shevchenkivskii» sheet 86
Martyshyn A. Ediacaran fauna of yampil sandstones of Vendian Podillia 97
Leschykh R., Ischenko I. Problems of biostratigraphical division and correlation of Upper Cretaceous deposits in limits of Black Sea-Crimean oil-and-gas bearing area 105

75 years to Gozhyk P.F.! 110
Bushak S. Phenomenon of Olexander Pol' 115

Panchenko V., Yakovleva V. Biblical stones of Ukraine Quartz. Group of rock crystal 120
Quartz. Group of chalcedony 125
Сarbuncle 131
Tolstoy M. Neovolcanics of Hungury and the role of geologists from National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev in their research 135
Mikhelis A. How it was, how it is and how it should be. To 40-th anniversary of «Methodology of coal deposits exploration in Donetsk basin» 139
Mershchiy V. Eternal Roma 145