The Ukrainian Association of Geologists (UAG) launched its first platform in 2017, known as the International Platform "Implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union on Efficient and Balanced Use of Natural Resources". This initiative was announced during the 6th Congress of Geologists of Ukraine with the aim of involving the geological community in the implementation of European integration measures, particularly the participation of Ukrainian geologists in the European research and innovation programs. Since 2017, UAG member-geologists have actively contributed to the implementation of projects as part of the International Platform: KINDRA (evaluating existing groundwater-related practical and scientific knowledge related to hydrogeological research); INTRAW (promoting global cooperation in mineral raw materials’ research & innovation, education & outreach, industry & trade, and recycling, as well as management & substitution of strategic raw materials); CHPM2030 (developing a groundbreaking technology solution that can potentially satisfy the Europe’s energy and strategic metals requirements in a single integrated process); UNEXMIN (exploring and mapping flooded mines in Europe); INFACT (developing innovative, non-invasive, and environmentally friendly exploration technologies that are safe for both humans and the environment); CRM-geothermal (raw materials from geothermal fluids); GSEU (the exchange of knowledge and expertise, and the development of data and information standards and harmonisation frameworks, the sustainable provision of a Geological Service for Europe); CEEGS (novel CO2-based electrothermal energy and geological storage system).

The experience of maintaining regular network communication with hundreds of partners from European countries within the Ukraine-EU International Platform, continuous membership networking within the UAG, partner interaction with the European Federation of Geologists (EFG), the European Association of Scientists, Geologists and Engineers (EAEG), the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), and other prominent professional organizations has highlighted the need to create a digital platform for ongoing professional cooperation among an unlimited number of participants.

In 2020, UAG with its partners began creating digital platforms that facilitate communication and cooperation among market participants, stakeholders, to address the preservation, rational use, and restoration of the planet's natural assets. These platforms aim to overcome the environmental and social challenges of the 21st century.

Recognizing that geology plays a critical role in the achievement of almost all UN Sustainable Development Goals, UAG closely monitors all megatrends in the development of geological and related industries and the mechanisms of market participants' interaction in this area.

Today, UAG sees digital platforms as a promising and effective model for multilateral stakeholder interaction in the industry. This model is not limited by geography, politics, bureaucracy, ranking, or dominance. The platform creates a self-regulating environment that requires minimal technical support. The platform model provides all market participants and stakeholders with equal opportunities to form an individual and collective information field, resulting in powerful synergistic effects. Only platforms can facilitate effective interaction among a large number of market players, eliminating the need for intermediaries and promoting direct exchange of already created value.

The advantages of platforms are clear: stakeholders can interact 24/7 to share experiences, information, coordinate joint actions, initiate cooperation, find partners, experts, and more. They can integrate their efforts to respond to the global challenges of the 21st century, achieving synergistic effects through interaction within a single information environment. This also helps raise public awareness of stakeholder activities, particularly related to climate change, natural disasters, safety regarding geological hazards, environmental protection and preservation, resource issues, surface geology, groundwater, and other related topics.

UAG's aim within the platforms is to create a positive and holistic concept that allows people to participate in comprehensive technological innovations and transformations, promote public-private cooperation related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, change the social paradigm, and enjoy its various benefits.

UAG continues to expand its stakeholders’ network and broaden its range of activities, achieving new levels of quality and global significance.

Recognizing global trends is crucial for prompt response and decision-making to preserve the planet for future generations. As more countries adopt sustainable development principles, and the public is given increasing information about environmental issues, integrated efforts to develop resources and use the environment rationally become ever more pressing. Solving new problems requires international and interdisciplinary cooperation.

The involvement of stakeholders from any specialization and location within UAG's digital platforms creates opportunities to implement the most ambitious projects.