Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 3 (39), JULY-SEPTEMBER, 2012

Liventseva G. Geology is a universal science. On the Knowledge Day in one of the Kiev schools the first geological class in Ukraine was established 5
Pavlyshyn V. Yevgen Lazarenko – Ukrainian coryphaeus of mineralogy. To centennial of the birthday 8
Zaytseva V. Momentous meeting 16
Aleksandrova T. Young searchers of Earth’s and spiritual treasures met in Kyiv. III stage of Ukrainian contest of scientific and research works of pupils – members of Small Academy of Sciences 18
Kitchka O. Why the Kingdom of Denmark lacks of arrogance? (Notes on the EAGE conference held in Copenhagen) 23

Burlutskiy N. Germanium distribution regularities and its dependence on qualitative characteristics of Lisichansk geological and industrial area 29
Ponomarenko О., Samchuk А., Ogar Т., Petrychenko К., Popenko Е., Krasyuk О. Definitions of rare earth elements in rocks and minerals by mass spectrometry INDUCTION coupled plasma (ICP-MS) 36
Makarenko М., Karly V., Kolyada V., Patalakha M., Gurin O., Stepanyuk M., Kupenko I. Application of modern to date modifications of litogeochemical and emanation surveying by prospecting of uranium deposits 41
Podvysotskiy V., Ostafiychuk N., Chashka А. The conception of forming diamond formations on ancient platforms as the theory of forecasting and searching diamond deposits on Ukraine 49
Omelchenko A., Mitrokhin А. Age groups of subalkaline basic dikes of the eastern part of the Volhynia Megablock of the Ukrainian Shield 56
Lepigov G., Guliy V., Loktev A., Manyuk M., Goptaryova G. Precarpathian oil (in the light of abiogenous theory of hydrocarbon genesis) 66
Kopchalyuk A., Sadivnyk B. About cyclicity of visean sediments’ pattern of Dnieper-Donets depression and specifics of correlation the transgressive parts of drill core 77
Pimonеnko L., Kargapolov A., Gunia D., Svistun V. Geological and geophysical method of calculation of zones of a congestion of methane on example of mine of the name of A.F. Zasyadko 83
Panchenko V., Yakovleva V. Biblical stones of Ukraine. Minerals base of gemological materials of Ukraine 88
Topaz 94
Beryl 98
Goldin P., Zvonok E., Krakhmalnaya T. New records of «Eocetus» sp. (Mammalia: Сetacea) from the Eocene of Ukraine 104

Ivanyshyn V., Kononenko L., Babko I. Unique Devonian sets in Dnieper-Donets Depression. Stratigraphic well № 1-Petrіvska 114
Deryabin N., Romanyuk L. About the suture zones of the Ukrainian shield 123

Geologist in creative research. The anniversary of I.I. Demyanenko 127
Spirina O. Konelskiy M.Ya. is 80! 129
Savkiv B. Volodymyr Stepanovych Ivanyshyn. The 80th anniversary 132
Marchuk V. Alisa Drozdovskaya: «This is what I am going to tell you about…» 134
Kravchuk O. Georgiy Grigoryevich Tkachenko – «unknown sailor» from Odessa University 138
Esina N. A fan of Kryvorizhzhya. The 140th anniversary of E.K. Fuks 148
In remembrance of Rostyslav Sergiyovych Furduy 151
Lelyk B. To the memory of the great geologist – the principal of coal exploration in Ukraine 155

Ishchenko A. Energy Zones (bands) of the Earth and spirituality of our ancestors 156
Sapfirova N. Stone in modern jewelry and stone-saw art. Ukrainian craftsmen Stone in modern jewelry and stone-saw art. Ukrainian craftsmen 164