Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 3 (23), JULY-SEPTEMBER, 2008

Kitchka A. Motto of the 33rd International Geological Congress: Earth System Science as a Foundation for Sustainable Development 3
The Fifth International theoretical and practical conference devoted to the methane of coal deposits in Ukraine 10
Gozhik P., Matsuy V., Belichenko O. The second International theoretical and practical conference: «The Ukrainian world of amber» 11
Strizhak V. The conference in Yerevan «The resource-generating, low-waste and nature-conservative of the subsoil mastering technologies» 14
Prokopets V. Encyclopedia of Norwegian Geology 17
Liventseva A. Two events under the same roof 20

Merschiy V. Main concepts of supervising services for seismic surveying 23
Lisenko A., Makivchuk O., Zikov E., Makarenko N. The history of uranium mineral-raw materials base in Ukraine and the prospects of its development 29
Chernienko N. Geological and economical criteria integrated development for the Mazuriv deposit of feldspar-nepheline and rare-metal ores within the Sea of Azov 32
Lelik B. The way of the preliminary degassing of the coal-bearing series 44

Bagriy I., Pochtarenko V., Dubossarskiy V., Mamishev I., Zemskiy D. The application of the complex near-surface and structural-thermo-atmogeochemical methods to estimate coalbed methane content in the Donbas and assess geo-ecological problems. Case study for Tomashivska area 47
Verkhovtsev V., Titarenko O. Recent tectonics in the area of South Ukrainian Energetic Complex Facilities 58
Kurilo M., Dischuk Y., Balan E., Chernienko I. Mineral association and oxidation zone of the Bobrikov gold ore deposits, Nagolniy Ridge, Donbas 67
Lepigov G., Orliv S., Guliy V. Accumulation of hydrocarbons in the Donbas region according to abiotic theory of their genesis 73
Shekhunova S., Matchoulina S. The peculiarities of pyrite occurrences in paleohydrothermal system around the Styla horst, Donbas 80
Ogar V. New species of Lower Visean lithostrotionid corals (Rugosa) from the Middle Tien-Shan 92
Roslyi I., Stryzhak V. Addition to article «Geodynamics of the Dnieper graben during its development in Devoninan-Carboniferous times» 99

The holiday of geological science in Donetsk city. 80th anniversary of Prof. Panov Boris Semenovich 103
Makarenko D. Tyagnibida Yakov Fomich: 70th years from the execution 106

Liventseva A. We are the greatest! Dance school of Irina Metalidi… 110

Terms and conditions of publishing 113