Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 3 (27), JULY-SEPTEMBER, 2009

Geological structure of coal gas fields. Assessment of the methane potential
Alekseev A., Grinev V., Starikov G. Experience of researches of methane different forms of presence and its volume in coal layer  
Andreev M., Kamyshan V., Andreev M. Methane potential – the reliability criteria for methods of coal bearing massif thermodynamics  
Bezruchko K. Residual water content of Donbass coal bearing formation low porous terrigenous collectors  
Byk S., Buchynska I., Knysh I., Yavnyy P. Methane content of Stepova mine coal beds field within Lviv-Volyn basin  
Goriainov S., Lakoba M. The methodology of gas geological zoning  
Goriainov S., Lakoba M. The results of gas geological zoning for Donetsk folded structure  
Zhykaliak N., Lishin V., Shaidorova I. Nonconventional gas collectors of Western Donbass coal deposits  
Kramarenko A., Gerasimov Ye. The problem of Donbass coal methane resources development (on the example of Luhansk oblast)  
Kuznetsova L., Pimonenko L. Factors defining gas saturation of Donbass carboniferous formation  
Lukinov V. Prognosis estimation of extractive resources of mobile methane of natural and technogenic accumulations on coal deposits  
Ohar V. Litho facial pre-conditions for the prognosis of carboniferous organic structures in deep horizons of Folded Donbass and is margins  
Pavliuk M., Bartoshynska Ye., Byk S., Dudok I., Kukharuk V., Naumko I. The role of regional epigenetic erosion in coal seam degassing  
Pavliuk M., Naumko I., Lelyk B., Byk S. Methane of Lviv-Volyn basin coal deposits as non-traditional source for hydrocarbons  
Pimonenko L., Shkuro L., Kuznetsova L. Geological factors influence on formation of Donbass rocks reservoir characteristics  
Privalov V., Panova O., Izart A., Sacksenhofer R., Alsaab D. Delineation of cbm prospective sites and predictive model of methane trapped in the Donets basin  
Rudko G., Kalashnyk P., Loviniukov V. Scientific and methodological principles of study of coal deposits methane content for calculation of total and productive resources of methane  
Sokorenko S., Kostyk I., Uziiuk V. Zoning of hydrocarbon gases and methane in coal seams and coal bearing rocks of Tiahlivske coal deposit  

Coal bed methane production, transportation and utilization technologies
Avtonomov K., Lelyk B., Khrapkin S., Lukinov V., Kuznetsova L., Dzhamalova Kh., Rakhno V. Pilot project: features of testing for Donbass coal mine methane study and production methods  
Andreev M., Kamyshan V., Andreev M. High technologies for coal seams development  
Bokiy B., Gunia D. Development of the degassing methods for the exhausted space and study of their efficiency  
Briukhanov A., Kudinov J., Bezborodov V. Safety of mine methane transportation and utilization  
Gorelkin A., Taran I. Scientific and organizational-technical aspects of degassing coal mines of Donbass  
Griaduschiy B. State and perspectives of coalmine methane utilization  
Denisenko V. Prognosis of volumes of mine methane and its quality management in the process of extraction by underground decontamination system  
Zhykaliak M., Nashkerskiy L. Substantiation of Donbass coal fields complex degassing development  
Zagorodniuk P., Hafych I. Research opportunities of well survey geophysical methods for carboniferous sections studies and methane production  
Zagorogniuk P., Lelyk B. Gravitational discharge of coal bearing formation is the effective method of degassing and methane production  
Zybinskiy P., Konarev V., Kamyshan V. Preliminary result of implementation the pilot project of the experimental-industrial extraction of the methane from the coal – contained rocks  
Kamyshan V., Konarev V. Methane of Ukrainan coal deposits is the alternative for natural gas  
Klets A. Advancing decontamination of breeds of a roof on gas production sites  
Kotlevskiy Ye., Chasnyk V. Equipment for coal-methanol holes drilling  
Cocherga V. Gas drainage efficiency at donbass mines and ways to increase discharge of captured methane  
Krasikov A., Ovcharov O. Baker Hughes technologies for coal bed methane (cbm) applications  
Lysny G., Merschiy V., Kovalenko O. Method of detailed seismic survey for methan reservoir exploration  
Marmalevskiy N., Tiapkin J., Tiapkina A. Abilities of the seismic method for prospecting, development and production of coalbed methane in Ukraine  
Monogarova J., Monogarov I., Mantoshko Ia. Features of the main ways of degassing works realization on Tomashevskaya area, Lisichansk geology-industrial region of Donbass  
Pavlov S. Perspectives and features of Donetsk basin coal deposits methane development  
Parafeynik V., Smirnov F., Severin A., Sidorenko D. Energotechnological equipment for transporting, processing and using of hydrocarbon gases produced by JSC «Sumy Frunze NPO»  
Amit Sharma Halliburton – matching our solutions to the cbm issues  

Investment projects realization – the challenges and ways of their solution
Bezpfliug V., Samus O. The experience with implementation of JI-Projects of coal methane utilization by Eco-Alliance LTD. and its german partners  
Belov A., Gladun P., Barna T., Gladun Ye. For the problem of realization of energy-saving technologies of Dnieper Basin's brown coals processing  
Gorpynko J. Air field cryogenic plants application to increase efficiency of methane use  
Huliy V., Vyzhva S., Lepigov G., Ozornoy G., Shunko V. Investment opportunity of projects associated with economic extraction of methane from coal beds of Ukraine and problems of their implementation  
Demchenko A. Methane of «Krasnoarmeiskaya-Zapadnaya N1» mine is the source of own electric power and heat  
Maydukova S., Griaduschiy V. Marketing results for coalmine methane of Ukraine: general state and prospects  
Pasternak Z. The investment project on reconstruction of degassing and coal methane utilizing system on Krasnolimanskaia mine  
Hoffman A., Alekseev Ye. Barriers to feasibility of coal gas extraction and utilization in Ukraine