Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 2 (34), APRIL-JUNE, 2011

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Antipov I., Savenko A., Kolesnikov S. National prospect of international cooperation in the field of hotbed gases emissions reduction in atmosphere 13
Antzyferov A., Khodyrev E. Correction for regularities of human-induced reservoirs for optimization of methane drainage in closed mines 17
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Karamushka O. Identification of disrupted zones as potential methane collectors in coal bearing formation of Donbass 35
Klets A. Production activity of marsh gas of dense catchers on coal mines 39
Kramarenko A., Gerasimov Ye. The methodology of evaluation of geological prospects of complex development of methane-coal fields of Ukraine 42
Kramarenko A., Zakharov A. The problem issue at the implementation of the exploration work of gas-methane of the coalfields of Donets Basin 46
Levashov S., Yakymchuk N., Korchagin I. The mobile geophysical technologies application during methane accumulations prospecting and exploration in coal basins 49
Lelyk B. Associated degassing of gas bearing coal massif through the well drilled from surface to the top of coal formation with directional-and-horizontal completion 55
Mametova L. Structural-mineralogical transformation of sandstones of Western Donbas 60
Pashchenko P. Geological factors of formation of methane accumulation zones in coal-bearing mass 64
Pylypenko U. Degassing of coal seams in the zones of tectonic violations 69
Rudko G., Loviniukov V. Calculation of methane reserve in coal mine methane (state and prospects) 74
Sokorenko S., Kostyk I. Conformity in alteration of methane abundance in active mines of the industrial are of Lviv-Volyn coalbasin 76
Sokorenko S., Kostyk I., Matrofailo M. Caracteristic properties of present day natural gas potential of coalbeds and coal-containing rocks of the Lyubelya coal field of the Lviv-Volyn basin 81