Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 4 (32), OCTOBER-DECEMBER, 2010

Report of Pavlo Zagorodnyuk – Chairman of the Board of «Association of geologists of Ukraine» – which was devoted to 10th anniversary of the organization 5
Kichka O., Liventseva G. Kiev regional conference AAPG is the bright event and new level of cooperation between SGU and international geological community 21
Matkovskyy O., Leschukh R., Pavlun M. Geological faculty of Ivan Franko National University of L’viv: past and present (devoted to 350th anniversary of L’viv University foundation) 25
Luzan V., Martynenko V. 80th anniversary of Kyiv geological exploration technical school 30
Rumin V. Galperin reading 34
Zeikan O., Gladun V., Lukin O., Demyanenko I. The direction of exploration work on the objects of National Joint Stock company «Naftogaz Ukrainy» in the Eastern oil-and-gas region of Ukraine in 2011 37

Kobolev V. Experimental-methodological complex geological-geophysical expedition of 66th tour of SES «Professor Vodyanytskyy» in the West part of Black Sea 40
Zagorodnyuk P., Lelyk B. Use of gravity decompaction of coal-bearing rock to increase the efficiency of pre-degassing (as exemplified by Ukraine coal basins). 63

Lisnyy G. Possibility of definition of velocity model with elliptical anisotropy using direct conversion of seismograms of common sources into seismic images of geological environment 69
Kuraeva I., Samchuk A., Zlobina K., Akimova O., Stadnik V., Iliuk N. Hydro-geochemical research of state of natural water in Kyiv 76
Mitrokhin A., Gruschynska E., Bilan E. Demonstarion of contact metamorphism in rock of ancient «Rama» of Korosten’ pluton 81
Gudzenko V. Evolution of radioactivity of underground waters in the conditions of city 91
Makarenko M., Didenko P., Kupenko I. Estimation of radon-dangerous of areas of Zhovti Vody in Dnipropetrovsk region and Kyiv 98
Ladzhun U. Prediction of recovery of available precious stones and optimal geometry proportions 104

Congratulate Velikanov Vyacheslav Yakymovych with jubilee 111
Savkiv B. 75th anniversary of Bogdan Gotskyy 113

Nikulina E. Geology of Precambrian – new strategy in cognition of complicacy 114
Merschiy V. Journey to the Holy Land 121
Furduy R. Tricks of the Kolyma frost 133