Ukrainian Geologist Journal. № 3 (43), JULY-SEPTEMBER, 2013

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Foreword 9
Bezruchko K. Influence of lithologic factor on gas saturation of coal-bearing strata sandstones 10
Bezruchko K., Pymonenko L., Kuznetsova L. Cleavage, its nature and forecasts within Donets coalbed methane field 14
Bulat A., Pimonenko L., Pimonenko D. To the question of multiprofile use gas resources coal deposits of Donbass 21
Buchynska I., Yavny P., Shevchuk O. Gas presence of the coal seam n8 of the Lviv-Volyn basin 25
Vasilenko T., Molchanov A., Feldman E. Distribution of the states and features of the mass transfer of methane in fossil coal 29
Grinyov V., Voloshina N., Kuznetsova L. To the question of calculation of methane resources in the massif earned additionally by rock massif 34
Yevdoshchuk N., Kuznetsova L., Kisil A., Zadara G. Gas saturation of Carbonite anticline crest 39
Zagorodnyuk P., Lelyk B., Rakhno V. Investment projects: degasification and utilization as the way to integrated development of coal-gas fields 43
Kostyk I., Matrofaylo M., Korol M. Rospects of prezent day natural gas potential of coalbeds of deep levels of the Lviv-Volyn coal basin 50
Lelyk B., Stepanenko Ya., Shulga V. Valuation of rock geological features of coal block of Southwestern coal-bearing region of Lviv-Volyn basin when implementing integrated methane extraction projects 60

Vakarchuk S., Karpenko I.O. Prospects of exploration for unconventional hydrocarbons in the Paleozoic sediments of Pereddobrudzke trough 64
Zagorodnyuk P., Kashuba G., Karpenko І.V. Prospects of unconventional hydrocarbons reserves in Central Donets Basin and Pereddobrudzkyi downfold 72
Lebed V., Rakovska O. About foreseen profitability of hydrocarbons in the South Kharkov megablock 79
Martynyuk L., Karpenko I.V., Okrepkyi O. Prospective seismic litofacies of carbon deposits in the northern edge of Dnieper and Donets sedimentary basins’ junction zone while exploring unconventional hydrocarbon deposits 87
Okrepkyi O., Karpenko I.V. Tectonic features of monoclines at the junction zone of Dnieper-Donets sedimentary basin in view of identifying unconventional hydrocarbons 93
Rudko G., Lovyniukov V., Grygil V., Lytvyniuk S. Geological prognosis works and gas resources estimation within the shale formations in place 98
Rudko G., Lovyniukov V., Grygil V. Prospects of unconventional hydrocarbon material production in Ukraine 101
Stryzhak V., Nedosekova I., Kabyshev Yu. Geological evaluation criteria of the prospects gas bearing different types of natural reservoirs coal-bearing strata Dnieper-Donets aulacogens (DDA) 107
Khabanets I., Karpenko I.V. Tectonic model of junction zone between Dnieper and Donets sedimentary basins as prospective territory for unconventional hydrocarbon 112

Bulat A., Pylypenko Yu. The destruction of fluid saturated compressed geomaterial 116
Denisenko V., Abakumova E. Solutions quality management methane mixture while extracting the degassing mining system 124
Kozhushok O., Khalimendikov E., Zinchenko S., Turchin V. Technology and innovation at complex in-line construction and installation of degassing wells 131
Kravchenko O., Veligotskyi D., Radchenko v., Yushkov E. Stimulating methane production of coal field with the help of controlled complex hydrogen and thermo-baro-chemical bottome-hole zone 135
Levashov S., Yakymchuk N., Korchagin I. Experience of mobile geophysical technologies application during hydrocarbon accumulations prospecting and exploration in the collectors of non-traditional type 141
Starikov G., Pilyugin V., Zavrajhin V., Kolchik I., Vasilkovsky V., Mamleev Sh. Improving the method for determining the load on the working face on the gas factor 148
Smirny M., Epishev M. Modern methods of investigation phase and elemental composition of the core 151
Radzivill A. , Vergelska N., Sobolev M. Method of determining the residual gas component of coal-rock mass Donbass 155

Lelyk B., Liventseva G.State estimation and directions of integrated geoecological rehabilitation of Lviv-Volyn basin area/td>159
Radzivill A. , Liventseva G. About geological, noosphere and social components of modern ecological security of Ukraine 164
Rudko G., Zinchenko O., Zinchenko V. Alternative energy. Environmental issues when cultivated Miscanthus for biofuels 167
List of authors 170