International Research Conference "Stratigraphy of the upper proterozoic and phanerozoic sedimentary rocks"

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Stratigraphy is a cornerstone of geology and the basis for geological research for any region. Therefore, all geologists regardless of the country in which they operate, are interested in the problems of stratigraphy.

Scientific cooperation firmly established in the last century between experts from countries of the Eastern Europe, Central Asia and other regions had certainly a beneficial influence on the development of theoretical and practical stratigraphy.

However, in recent decades, these ties are gradually weakened and lost. This comes against the backdrop of rapid development and improvement of methods of stratigraphy, among which, along with the traditional lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic ones widely used also seismostratigraphic, isotopic, paleomagnetic, and other methods.

The newly established Eurasian Association of Geologists is aiming to support and develop an international scientific cooperation in geology. This conference is a first step towards achieving this goal. We invite all geologists working in the stratigraphy to share their research results and ideas at the conference.

We are waiting for you in Kiev in September 2013!

P.O., Zagorodnyuk (EAAG), P.F., Gozhyk (IGS NAS of Ukraine)

Committee members:
N.I. Dykan, V.Yu. Zosimovich, M.M. Ivanik, T.P. Mikhnitska, V.I. Poletaev, O.A. Sirenko (IGS NAS of Ukraine), V.V. Ogar (KNU), V.P. Bezvynnyi (AUG), B.I. Lelyk, G.D., Lisny (NADRA Group).

Scientific Secretaries:
G. A., Liventseva, O.A., Sirenko

We also invite potential participants to join geological fieldtrips:

The number of the field trips, the cost and dates will be adjusted depending on the number of participants and their wishes.

Presentation requirements

Abstract languages are Ukrainian, Russian, and English. Full text should be typed using font Arial 11 points high, 1 interval spacing, left, top, bottom margins – 2.5 cm, and 1.5 for right one. Text should be to both margins; paragraph spacing – 1,27. The title of the abstract should be typed in CAPITAL LETTERS (centered, bold). Type the title, leave one line blank, and type names and surnames of all authors. In the next line in brackets type the abbreviation of company name (centered, bold). The abstract, including figures and tables, should not exceed two A4 pages.

Conference proceedings will be published after peer reviewing of submitted papers. The scientific committee reserves the right to select materials for publication.

The registration fee is equivalent to 15 U.S. dollars.

The deadline for applications and abstract submission is July 1, 2013.

Conference Secretary: Olena Zhyvko, email: e.zhivko@tutkovsky.com, tel.: +38(044)390-21-85

Venue: Institute of Geological Sciences, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine, Kyiv, O. Honchar Str., 55-b